Anniston Drain Cleaning Company Helps Take Out Gross Cockroaches In My Home

We all want to live in a clean and as much as possible sanitize environment. This might be hard for you to believe, considering how I seem to love the grossest things in life. Well, I only like to talk about them, but I do not actually invest the idea of experiencing these gross things first hand.

Anniston Drain Cleaning Company Helps Take Out Gross Insects

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I grew up with my mom always with us, because she was a stay at home mom. She takes good care of everything. She always makes sure that our house is clean and a safe environment to live in. growing up, I rarely see cockroaches or even experience insect infestation. As a matter of fact, even our bathroom is clean at all times. You can even sleep in the bathroom and I am saying this not to exaggerate but to literally commend my mom.

Now that I have a family of my own, I want to do the same. I want to make sure that my house is clean, organized, and a safe place for my family. I purchased a house in Anniston. We have a limited budget and as a couple starting to build a family, we prefer purchasing a pre-owned house and do the necessary renovation when our budget permits. We found the house appealing because it perfectly matches our taste. It is a bungalow house with a big lawn. I can just imagine my kids and my dogs playing on the lawn.

A few months after buying the house, my wife found out that she is pregnant. It was one of the best times in our life as a couple, but not until something unusual happened. I noticed that there were several cockroaches in our home. At first, we think that it is just normal and they will eventually be dead after spraying insecticides. We bought one bottle, and another, and another. It seems like an endless battle with cockroaches. Weeks went by and the cockroaches were still there. This is not good, especially for my pregnant wife. The cockroaches are grossing out my wife and she finds herself terrified and disgusted of the creatures.

Anniston Drain Cleaning Company Helps Take Out Gross Insects

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After much consideration of the costs, I decided to that the only way to get rid of the infestation, we need to determine the root cause of the problem with the help of a professional. At first we contacted a pest control expert. However, upon their inspection they found out that the gross insects won’t stop coming back because of a problem in the sewer. The problem was out of their hands and so we ended up calling a professional Anniston drain cleaning company to handle the issue.

After contacting them and explaining to them the problem, they arrived and in a few hours, was able to literally “flush” the problem away. It was such a big relief! It gave us peace of mind knowing that our house is not just free from cockroaches but also other forms of insects.

Getting rid of those pesky insects is something that I really should be thankful for. Although, right now, I am seriously thinking that maybe that incident occurred because the universe saw me talking and blogging too much about disgusting things.

Does the universe want me to stop talking about things that are difficult to stomach? Well, I got the issue solved so I don’t think I’ll have to stop, right?

Conflicted: Should I Stop Patronizing Fast Food?

I admit, I am one of those plenty people who have fallen in love for fast food. In fact, food items from these joints are almost my staple meals, because they are so accessible.

I really just love eating in a fast food chain. Burgers, fries, sundaes, drinks, name it, I love them all. My addiction of fast foods started when I was a kid. I always ask my mom to take me to this particular fast food chain. I would order as many as I want and when I am full I will play at a nearby playhouse. Now that I am 18 years old, my love for this particular fast food chain and my addiction to fast foods has not changed.

However, a recent incident is making me think over my fast food eating addictions. I know, I am a sucker for gross things, but its not that fun when I am the one to fall victim to them.

I  was heading home when I decided to treat myself by driving thru one of my favorite fast food chain. As usual, I order my favorite meal plus fries and burger. One of the things I love about this fast food chain is they prepare your order pretty fast. Everything comes quick, but of course, yes! It is a fast food chain and it should process your order real quick. As I was staring the little window while the crew prepares my order, I notice that the patty of my burger accidentally fell on the floor. What the crew did was he was very quick to get the patty and put it in the burger bun as if nothing happened.

With a smile, he handed my order. I really want to sue him! I am very mad at him. I feel like he is always like that every time something falls on the floor. It was indeed a stomach crunching experience for me. I decided to not confront him because my headache is terrible, not to mention the heavy traffic. I just couldn’t believe what my eyes just saw! Just imagine all the bacteria and dirt on the floor, they for sure are present in my burger now. How can I eat it? To my dismay, I throw not just the burger but the whole thing the crew gave me. I just couldn’t bear to eat them even the fries.

Well, that incident was that one time. I recall the incident and I really feel sick to the stomach. However, there still remain some times when I crave for fast food; thus my dilemma:

Should I or should I not patronize fast food, given the recent incident?

To be honest, I do not know. Back then, when the incident happened, I could remember myself thinking and deciding that I will no longer eat food from fast food chains; that I should learn to wait for like 20 to 30 minutes for my foods to be served in regular restaurants.

I’ll sleep over the thought and hopefully find myself deciding to aim for healthier options. After all, health is wealth, right?

Learn How Experts Decompose A Dead Body

I know that I  can never be able to share all the gross things in this world on my own, so I asked a friend of mine to share something that I am definitely sure you gross fanatics would want to find out.

Don’t worry, it is not just gross, but it is also educational (for your Science project, nothing else, hopefully). So Sit tight and read as my friend shares the process of decomposing a dead body:


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Hello there! I am Matthew, a forensic expert. I have been working with dead bodies and I know a lot of you are curious as to what happen to the human body after death. So, here it is! I will discuss with you the normal process involved in decomposition of a dead body.


It is the process of tissue destruction secondary to bacterial growth. The growth of bacteria usually comes from within the bowel of the dead body. It may come from the environment too, but rarely happens. If the environment is warm and moist, the bacterial growth is rapid, which also means that the decomposition process is faster. The putrefaction process will consume all the tissues of the dead body and only the bones will remain. The tendons and ligaments will also be decayed. So, what will remain is the pile of bones.


This decomposition process usually takes place in a very dry climate such as in the desert and high mountains where the air is dry. The dead body dries out rapidly, which will result to mummy. The dead body will be dry, to the extent that it becomes leathery.

Adipocere formation

This is a result of a chemical process “saponification.” It is caused by a certain reaction between the adipose tissue of the body and a particular group of bacteria. What it does is it converts the body fat into palmitic acids, stearic, and oleic. They are the primary components of adipocere. The end result is a whitish-grey and sometimes brownish, greasy substance. It casts the body in a doll-like way. The dead body looks like a manikin at a glance. I usually describe the dead body as something that is carved from a bar of soap. It usually takes a few months for the body to form an adipocere. This process often occurs in bodies found in damp, warm, and watery areas.

Being in the forensic industry and working with the dead bodies for many years now, I can say that the body does not always decompose in the same way. There are so many factors that can greatly affect the decomposition of the dead body.  Of course, the putrefaction is the typical decomposition process, but a body can be mummified or adipocere depending on the location and circumstances. I know most of you find my job scary and weird, but that’s the truth. I make money from working with the dead body.


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So there, I hope you had fun and you learned something new through this blog entry, and I hoped you stomached it!

Gross Things When Flood Strikes

Phoenix Flood

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When a place is dealing with bad weather conditions, it is expected that heavy rainfalls create inconveniences that annoy every person in the street. These people have different agenda for the day but they got one thing in common – they are all stranded in the flood. Then they realize it’s not a perfect day.

I could imagine myself heading for work and then stuck in a traffic caused by impassable roads, waiting for the cars to move and growing impatient for the hours that seemed like forever. People might be missing work and meetings or much worse missing flights. It is a scenario one never likes to happen.

The inconveniences on the street brought by flood are just a part of the whole worst picture. There is much more annoying than canceling meetings and flight. The gross things found in knee-deep waters are much harder to take. The rise of water causes the dirtiest elements from the sewage to swim through the floods. The ground floors and basements of houses or buildings are possible recipients of these filthy waters.

I experienced this whole thing when a storm got in Phoenix, Arizona, and caused floods two months ago. I was not expecting that the heavy rains would flow into my basement. I discovered the cause was from a broken gutter. The water damage left a stinky smell in the basement which I suspect the water was partly coming from a sewage canal. Good thing I pulled out the carpet and took to the laundry before the storm. But some of my things were damaged and had to be disposed. What I was most concerned at was the smell that affected the quality of air in my home. I felt like I could have a respiratory problem because of the unpleasant smell. The restoration service men did a good job in drying out the place, cleaning the molds, disinfecting all affected areas and bringing back the pleasant smell of my home.

It’s seldom that I get to experience flooding situation. If it has reached the premises of our homes, it is something not to be taken lightly. Cleaning it up must be our first concern because we don’t exactly know what harmful bacteria breeds in the damp dirty area that may affect our family’s health. Ensure yourself with the correct way of cleaning through seeking a good water damage Phoenix restoration service company.

The flood sometimes comes when we least expect it. Just like what I thought of my basement situation. What bothered me most was the unusual filth that contaminated the water. Seeing waters coming from the sewage getting inside my home can give me enough reason to get stressed. It could be a nightmare. But lessons are always learned from every bad experience. We can’t control nature’s fury but we can lessen the risks and prevent further damages to our homes. I see to it now that my basement is secure from flooding and my home will always be a safe place for my family.

Avoiding Scams: Truth About How To Unlock iPhone Gadgets

Avoid getting scammed on how to unlock iPhone gadgets

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Can you stomach scammers?

I can’t. I won’t. I never will.

There are a lot of things in this world that are disgusting (as you probably have realized, reading through my blog entries). However, I could say that we have our ways of adapting and we have the power to easily survive those. After all, these inevitably gross things are part of life.

What must be truly difficult to stomach, is how some humans have the guts to make a fool out of other people. How they are able to manipulate and scheme their way into making a living out of other people’s hard work.

I don’t need to go political or cite something socially relevant for this to make an impact and be understood.

Let’s just take for example a very simple and utterly random issue – scamming people about how Apple iPhone gadgets can be unlocked.

This is the first thing that pops into my mind, and is actually the entire reason for this post, because I fell victim to people who want to cash in on my clueless brain when it comes to super high-tech gadgets.

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I know little to nothing about gadgets when it comes to the technical stuff. That’s not my cup of tea. But that does not mean that I’m someone heartless people should take advantage of.

I wanted to change carrier, but with an iPhone 5, that’s not an easy thing to achieve. I decided to check online and a lot of people were talking about doing an iPhone software unlock. It really intrigued me so I found a site and followed the instructions.

And just like that, I got scammed.

I later found out through this website that to unlock iPhone software is impossible, because it does not exist.

What actually happened was the faceless person behind the scam only gained access to my credit card account and other important information that could allow him access to my finances. I had to go through so much trouble to inform my bank about it and have my account closed. Then I had to reopen a new one.

It was such an excruciating process, on top of having lost some money to an unbelievable human being, and having the fear of trusting anything ever again, on the Internet.

It’s amazing and disturbing how these things could easily happen to anybody, at this age. It makes me see that these evil people must be really making tons of money, simply because, even I, a blogger, still fell victim to their scheming ways.

Until this very moment, I still can’t accept how easily I was fooled. How could they? That money they took was hard-earned and honest.

This must serve as a shout-out to everyone – be very careful with your online transactions and always do proper research before giving away any information that could make you vulnerable to hacks.

Beware of Apple iPhone Unlock Scammers

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A Most Horrible Death

As there are a lot of ways to live, there also are numerous ways to die, and death, is one gruesome thing that not a lot of people can stomach.

It is especially difficult to take death because it is something that all humans are afraid of. Death means the end of your life, and even when there are a lot of beliefs of an afterlife, no one can never really find out if they are given a second chance at life, unless they face death and die.

Life and death is a really ironic thing. No life is valued if death does not exist, and death cannot happen if there is no life. And in between life and death, people are given the chance to live and make sure they do not die in vain.

But is there such a thing as NOT dying in vain? Again, that question alone can merit a lot of answers from different points of view. So, I’m not answering that. That is for you to figure out for yourself.

What I do know about death, however, is that it is hard to stomach, and to make that an even more valid claim, I will share one of the most horrifying and gruesome death known (or maybe unknown) to man.

This death is more of an unplanned suicide. Suicide is an act of cowardice, for most people. It is something done by those who have given up on life, even when they are still in a position to make the most out of it. People who commit suicide are often filled with depression. People with suicidal tendencies should not be left alone, because they will get their hands on their own life, the moment they get the chance to do so. However, this man, committed suicide unknowingly. If you read on, maybe, you could also conclude that it was not suicide, perhaps. But rather, his pride, that brought him to a gruesome end.

The man I am referring to is Mr. Reichelt. He tried to invent the kind of parachute you see in movies where you only have to extend your arms and flaps that serves as your wings will be revealed, allowing you to maneuver  through the wind with ease.

Yes, he made an attempt in builting that, and then died trying to prove that his invention has worked. He went up the Eiffel tower to test his invention. His friends agreed to come with him, thinking that he was going to use a dummy on the experiment. However, they all were shocked when he revealed that he was making the jump himself. His friends tried so hard to persuade him not to do it, but he insisted, putting his faith and life on his invention.

Of course, the moment he jumped off the building, everyone knew, including Mr. Reichelt, that he has made a huge mistake. He fell to his death, crushed from head to toe. He jumped prepared to die, but not really. When onlookers went to see his body, his eyes were the look of terror.

What happened to the invention? Was it ever pushed forward from that moment? Is Mr. Reichelt still partly recognized for his efforts on his invention? I honestly don’t know. Right after reading on his death, my stomach guts caught up my throat and I just could not read any further.

This should serve as a lesson for us all, and I do not need to spell out what the lesson is. Death can come anytime, so best be prepared. There are insurance companies right now that can attend to financial needs, should death come to you as unexpectedly(?) as it came to Mr. Reichelt. You better start picking up that phone and dialing those numbers you need, especially if you are set to go on an adventure trip with the family. You should have a travel insurance for seniors ready for your mom and dad, and even for your grandparents. You should go ahead and get your own insurance too.

Death can happen anytime, best be prepared.

Can You Stomach: Being Far Away From the Person You Love

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Right now, I do not want to talk about something gross. I’ll have more of those stuff next time. Sorry to disappoint ya’.

However, what I’m going to share today is still something that is still quite hard to take. Being able to stomach things do not only mean taking in the gross stuff (though mostly it is about those). It is also about having the courage to face something very difficult to face, to overcome something you really do not want to do, but you have to, in the name of life and love.

Being far from a loved one is something that is also difficult to stomach. Not being able to see them everyday, to hug and kiss them, to be there when they need your help, is a difficult thing to take. It is as difficult as any other gross thing out there.

However, more and more people, like me, are able to stomach this scenario, thanks to technology.

If I lived in the years in history where mail took months to reach people across countries and information were only in books and the news was only in newspapers and radios, I would really not have allowed my girlfriend to work so far from me, no matter how financially difficult life would get. I would rather have that than constantly worry about her well-being and the security of our relationship. I have great respect for the people who survived the ways of life in the past. They do not have it as easy as we do now, yet they still managed to progress and bring the world into the state that it is today.

My girlfriend is a flight attendant, and is often out flying from country to country. If it had not been for advanced telecommunication, I would not have had her taken her dream job. It would be too difficult if a day goes by without hearing from her and about her day. Good thing, with the internet, and numerous chat services, I could even see her face while we talk about each other’s day even when we are miles apart.

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Telecommunication has indeed been a great part of society. It has also been a great medium for business, that is why while my girlfriend is travelling around the world, living her dream and earning in the process, I am also living my dream, earning while living in the comforts of my home.

Thanks to technology, as long as you pour passion into it, you can earn through blogging, which is exactly what I do, right now.

I blog not just to share to the world my life and experience and help out the people who are in search for answers to their different problems, but also to earn a living while staying in the comforts of my couch.

The main thing I do is just write on my blogs, the Oxford SEO expert that I hired to take care of the hits and advertising of my sites is the key person behind how much I earn with my blogs. SEO experts are a thing right now, as they make the lives of earning through online blogging and advertising, become easier with their unique skills in search engine optimization.

I know I would be happier if my girlfriend is always beside me. However, she has her dreams and I have mine, and we all got to do what we have to do for the person we love, even if it is something difficult to stomach.

Grossing out Your Sense of Smell

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I am feeling much gross today, and I will be grossing others too.

This time, I will abuse the sense of smell. Though I cannot make you smell the things I am about to share with you today, I will trust your imagination that it will do the grossing out for me.

Here is my list of the grossest smelling things on this planet. This is not every little smelly thing that the world offers, but these are my top picks.

  1. Feces. There is no explaining needed on why this might just be the smelliest thing on the planet. May it be animal dung or human feces, you can be sure that nobody ever thinks this thing to smell sweet and heavenly. Imagine what people working septic tanks have to go through?
  2. Stale fish. Forgotten fish is the worst. After a few days, this thing exudes a smell that is so foul; it will send your dinner back up your throat and out your mouth.
  3. Burnt flesh. Burnt pork? Yum. Burnt bread, surprisingly, still smells great. But burnt human flesh? Very offensive to one’s nose. While you should be thankful you are not the one burnt, it still is undeniable how nose stifling burnt flesh can be. You can also add the visual impact this has, watching skin burn away to see flesh is also not a very pretty sight.
  4. Bad Mouth. This is one of the biggest problem that some people face, and I am not talking about the person with the bad breathe. People who have to encounter a person with foul mouth odor also have struggles of their own. Not only is it difficult to inform the person about his hygiene problems, you have to endure the foul smell until that person finally discovers that toothbrush and mouth wash has already been invented.
  5. Compost pit. Of course this pile of garbage will be as stale as it gets. After all, it is a pile of garbage. One bag of garbage alone already has a foul smell that could make you clip your nose. How much nose damage do you think a compost pit would do?
  6. Stagnant waters. Especially in the sewer lines, stuck water that has been contaminated with all foreign entities possible, will surely make you gag and cry. Imagine hundreds of bacteria and dirt have a congregation in the sewers. The putrid level will surely be off the charts. Nobody would ever want their sewage lines to leak and cause so much pain in the nose and heart.
  7. Unclean dog. People should realize that having a dog takes effort. I just hate owners who do not take good care of their pets. They should have not had a pet if they were just going to let it get dirty and sick. The worst part is when you have to deal with their foul odor because it has been years since their masters have given them a good bath, or if they have indeed been given baths, they took to long to dry up so the “wet dog” odor starts creeping in.

There is no moral lesson to the post. It’s just my way of saying that there are a lot of foul things this world offers. Most of them are natural, some are man-made. Maybe people should start working on things that could still be fixed so that people in their circles will not have to deal with such foul smells. This includes those with bad breath and those pet owners who does not seem to care.

Gross Things you did not know are in Your Food

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While we go about our daily lives, sleeping, working, and of course, eating, we are blinded by the many possible gross things that people we interact with are doing to us.

This is especially true for the food we eat from the shops and stores. We so blindly trust them that they are serving us clean, fresh, and healthy food that we forget to think about the numerous possibilities that could be going on behind that kitchen door of the restaurant.

Here is a list of gross food items that either are really gross in itself, or have yucky ingredients that we did not know were there. The best part? We love to eat them!


No. I’m not talking about yeast which is a fungi that they use to make dough, nor am I talking about cheese and other dairy products that are actually produced through letting milk “rot” for days, I am talking about, HUMAN HAIR. Do you care to know just how dirty human hair is?

Some bread have human hair and feathers in them so that they could achieve a certain texture. The next time you plan to eat that yummy bread, think about the possibility that it has human hair. I’m pretty sure you can use this as motivation to cut on carbs brought by too much bread intake.


Not to sound vegan to you, but, I am just letting you know that some meats are injected with a bacteria that is actually deadly. It is called the MRSA and it is a flesh eating bacteria that actually kills thousands of people in a year. Of course, they are placed in minimal amounts in meat and producers must have a very good reason for it, but, if you just contemplate on that thought, does it not want you to go vegan right this very moment?


Salads with clear or white dressing? How did they get that color for the dressing? Well, they place a paint chemical to achieve it. Yes, what you paint your walls with, is in that fresh salad you’re eating. Now, what was that about being vegan?


Yes, our parents keep on warning us about these candies. But they only do so because they know that sugar can cause us bad teeth and expensive visits to the dentist. However, have you ever wondered what makes candies so bright in color? Well, its thanks to the abdomen of lady bugs. Yes, crushed lady bug abdomens give some candies that red color. It is also sometimes in yogurts too.


This might be the grossest among the items in this list. Just imagine this, the next time you drink that yummy raspberry juice, think about what that ingredient called ‘natural flavoring’ actually is. No, it’s not raspberry but rather, Beaver Anal gland juice. I won’t even expound on how gross that is.

Were you grossed out? Then this blog was a success. Happy eating, everyone!