Conflicted: Should I Stop Patronizing Fast Food?

I admit, I am one of those plenty people who have fallen in love for fast food. In fact, food items from these joints are almost my staple meals, because they are so accessible.

I really just love eating in a fast food chain. Burgers, fries, sundaes, drinks, name it, I love them all. My addiction of fast foods started when I was a kid. I always ask my mom to take me to this particular fast food chain. I would order as many as I want and when I am full I will play at a nearby playhouse. Now that I am 18 years old, my love for this particular fast food chain and my addiction to fast foods has not changed.

However, a recent incident is making me think over my fast food eating addictions. I know, I am a sucker for gross things, but its not that fun when I am the one to fall victim to them.

I  was heading home when I decided to treat myself by driving thru one of my favorite fast food chain. As usual, I order my favorite meal plus fries and burger. One of the things I love about this fast food chain is they prepare your order pretty fast. Everything comes quick, but of course, yes! It is a fast food chain and it should process your order real quick. As I was staring the little window while the crew prepares my order, I notice that the patty of my burger accidentally fell on the floor. What the crew did was he was very quick to get the patty and put it in the burger bun as if nothing happened.

With a smile, he handed my order. I really want to sue him! I am very mad at him. I feel like he is always like that every time something falls on the floor. It was indeed a stomach crunching experience for me. I decided to not confront him because my headache is terrible, not to mention the heavy traffic. I just couldn’t believe what my eyes just saw! Just imagine all the bacteria and dirt on the floor, they for sure are present in my burger now. How can I eat it? To my dismay, I throw not just the burger but the whole thing the crew gave me. I just couldn’t bear to eat them even the fries.

Well, that incident was that one time. I recall the incident and I really feel sick to the stomach. However, there still remain some times when I crave for fast food; thus my dilemma:

Should I or should I not patronize fast food, given the recent incident?

To be honest, I do not know. Back then, when the incident happened, I could remember myself thinking and deciding that I will no longer eat food from fast food chains; that I should learn to wait for like 20 to 30 minutes for my foods to be served in regular restaurants.

I’ll sleep over the thought and hopefully find myself deciding to aim for healthier options. After all, health is wealth, right?

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