A Most Horrible Death

As there are a lot of ways to live, there also are numerous ways to die, and death, is one gruesome thing that not a lot of people can stomach.

It is especially difficult to take death because it is something that all humans are afraid of. Death means the end of your life, and even when there are a lot of beliefs of an afterlife, no one can never really find out if they are given a second chance at life, unless they face death and die.

Life and death is a really ironic thing. No life is valued if death does not exist, and death cannot happen if there is no life. And in between life and death, people are given the chance to live and make sure they do not die in vain.

But is there such a thing as NOT dying in vain? Again, that question alone can merit a lot of answers from different points of view. So, I’m not answering that. That is for you to figure out for yourself.

What I do know about death, however, is that it is hard to stomach, and to make that an even more valid claim, I will share one of the most horrifying and gruesome death known (or maybe unknown) to man.

This death is more of an unplanned suicide. Suicide is an act of cowardice, for most people. It is something done by those who have given up on life, even when they are still in a position to make the most out of it. People who commit suicide are often filled with depression. People with suicidal tendencies should not be left alone, because they will get their hands on their own life, the moment they get the chance to do so. However, this man, committed suicide unknowingly. If you read on, maybe, you could also conclude that it was not suicide, perhaps. But rather, his pride, that brought him to a gruesome end.

The man I am referring to is Mr. Reichelt. He tried to invent the kind of parachute you see in movies where you only have to extend your arms and flaps that serves as your wings will be revealed, allowing you to maneuver  through the wind with ease.

Yes, he made an attempt in builting that, and then died trying to prove that his invention has worked. He went up the Eiffel tower to test his invention. His friends agreed to come with him, thinking that he was going to use a dummy on the experiment. However, they all were shocked when he revealed that he was making the jump himself. His friends tried so hard to persuade him not to do it, but he insisted, putting his faith and life on his invention.

Of course, the moment he jumped off the building, everyone knew, including Mr. Reichelt, that he has made a huge mistake. He fell to his death, crushed from head to toe. He jumped prepared to die, but not really. When onlookers went to see his body, his eyes were the look of terror.

What happened to the invention? Was it ever pushed forward from that moment? Is Mr. Reichelt still partly recognized for his efforts on his invention? I honestly don’t know. Right after reading on his death, my stomach guts caught up my throat and I just could not read any further.