Gross Things you did not know are in Your Food

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While we go about our daily lives, sleeping, working, and of course, eating, we are blinded by the many possible gross things that people we interact with are doing to us.

This is especially true for the food we eat from the shops and stores. We so blindly trust them that they are serving us clean, fresh, and healthy food that we forget to think about the numerous possibilities that could be going on behind that kitchen door of the restaurant.

Here is a list of gross food items that either are really gross in itself, or have yucky ingredients that we did not know were there. The best part? We love to eat them!


No. I’m not talking about yeast which is a fungi that they use to make dough, nor am I talking about cheese and other dairy products that are actually produced through letting milk “rot” for days, I am talking about, HUMAN HAIR. Do you care to know just how dirty human hair is?

Some bread have human hair and feathers in them so that they could achieve a certain texture. The next time you plan to eat that yummy bread, think about the possibility that it has human hair. I’m pretty sure you can use this as motivation to cut on carbs brought by too much bread intake.


Not to sound vegan to you, but, I am just letting you know that some meats are injected with a bacteria that is actually deadly. It is called the MRSA and it is a flesh eating bacteria that actually kills thousands of people in a year. Of course, they are placed in minimal amounts in meat and producers must have a very good reason for it, but, if you just contemplate on that thought, does it not want you to go vegan right this very moment?


Salads with clear or white dressing? How did they get that color for the dressing? Well, they place a paint chemical to achieve it. Yes, what you paint your walls with, is in that fresh salad you’re eating. Now, what was that about being vegan?


Yes, our parents keep on warning us about these candies. But they only do so because they know that sugar can cause us bad teeth and expensive visits to the dentist. However, have you ever wondered what makes candies so bright in color? Well, its thanks to the abdomen of lady bugs. Yes, crushed lady bug abdomens give some candies that red color. It is also sometimes in yogurts too.


This might be the grossest among the items in this list. Just imagine this, the next time you drink that yummy raspberry juice, think about what that ingredient called ‘natural flavoring’ actually is. No, it’s not raspberry but rather, Beaver Anal gland juice. I won’t even expound on how gross that is.

Were you grossed out? Then this blog was a success. Happy eating, everyone!