Grossing out Your Sense of Smell

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I am feeling much gross today, and I will be grossing others too.

This time, I will abuse the sense of smell. Though I cannot make you smell the things I am about to share with you today, I will trust your imagination that it will do the grossing out for me.

Here is my list of the grossest smelling things on this planet. This is not every little smelly thing that the world offers, but these are my top picks.

  1. Feces. There is no explaining needed on why this might just be the smelliest thing on the planet. May it be animal dung or human feces, you can be sure that nobody ever thinks this thing to smell sweet and heavenly. Imagine what people working septic tanks have to go through?
  2. Stale fish. Forgotten fish is the worst. After a few days, this thing exudes a smell that is so foul; it will send your dinner back up your throat and out your mouth.
  3. Burnt flesh. Burnt pork? Yum. Burnt bread, surprisingly, still smells great. But burnt human flesh? Very offensive to one’s nose. While you should be thankful you are not the one burnt, it still is undeniable how nose stifling burnt flesh can be. You can also add the visual impact this has, watching skin burn away to see flesh is also not a very pretty sight.
  4. Bad Mouth. This is one of the biggest problem that some people face, and I am not talking about the person with the bad breathe. People who have to encounter a person with foul mouth odor also have struggles of their own. Not only is it difficult to inform the person about his hygiene problems, you have to endure the foul smell until that person finally discovers that toothbrush and mouth wash has already been invented.
  5. Compost pit. Of course this pile of garbage will be as stale as it gets. After all, it is a pile of garbage. One bag of garbage alone already has a foul smell that could make you clip your nose. How much nose damage do you think a compost pit would do?
  6. Stagnant waters. Especially in the sewer lines, stuck water that has been contaminated with all foreign entities possible, will surely make you gag and cry. Imagine hundreds of bacteria and dirt have a congregation in the sewers. The putrid level will surely be off the charts. Nobody would ever want their sewage lines to leak and cause so much pain in the nose and heart.
  7. Unclean dog. People should realize that having a dog takes effort. I just hate owners who do not take good care of their pets. They should have not had a pet if they were just going to let it get dirty and sick. The worst part is when you have to deal with their foul odor because it has been years since their masters have given them a good bath, or if they have indeed been given baths, they took to long to dry up so the “wet dog” odor starts creeping in.

There is no moral lesson to the post. It’s just my way of saying that there are a lot of foul things this world offers. Most of them are natural, some are man-made. Maybe people should start working on things that could still be fixed so that people in their circles will not have to deal with such foul smells. This includes those with bad breath and those pet owners who does not seem to care.