Can You Stomach: Being Far Away From the Person You Love

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Right now, I do not want to talk about something gross. I’ll have more of those stuff next time. Sorry to disappoint ya’.

However, what I’m going to share today is still something that is still quite hard to take. Being able to stomach things do not only mean taking in the gross stuff (though mostly it is about those). It is also about having the courage to face something very difficult to face, to overcome something you really do not want to do, but you have to, in the name of life and love.

Being far from a loved one is something that is also difficult to stomach. Not being able to see them everyday, to hug and kiss them, to be there when they need your help, is a difficult thing to take. It is as difficult as any other gross thing out there.

However, more and more people, like me, are able to stomach this scenario, thanks to technology.

If I lived in the years in history where mail took months to reach people across countries and information were only in books and the news was only in newspapers and radios, I would really not have allowed my girlfriend to work so far from me, no matter how financially difficult life would get. I would rather have that than constantly worry about her well-being and the security of our relationship. I have great respect for the people who survived the ways of life in the past. They do not have it as easy as we do now, yet they still managed to progress and bring the world into the state that it is today.

My girlfriend is a flight attendant, and is often out flying from country to country. If it had not been for advanced telecommunication, I would not have had her taken her dream job. It would be too difficult if a day goes by without hearing from her and about her day. Good thing, with the internet, and numerous chat services, I could even see her face while we talk about each other’s day even when we are miles apart.

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Telecommunication has indeed been a great part of society. It has also been a great medium for business, that is why while my girlfriend is travelling around the world, living her dream and earning in the process, I am also living my dream, earning while living in the comforts of my home.

Thanks to technology, as long as you pour passion into it, you can earn through blogging, which is exactly what I do, right now.

I blog not just to share to the world my life and experience and help out the people who are in search for answers to their different problems, but also to earn a living while staying in the comforts of my couch.

I know I would be happier if my girlfriend is always beside me. However, she has her dreams and I have mine, and we all got to do what we have to do for the person we love, even if it is something difficult to stomach.